Calendars & Events

February 2019

  • 17th February (Sunday) – AMND Competition Winter Trials No. 2  – To be held at Uniting Church Courts, Anzac Highway, Wayville, opposite the Adelaide Showgrounds Ferris Wheel starting at 7:45am (8:00am Seniors).  Refer Hot Weather Policy Announcement on Main Page



City Night Summer Competition:  October 2018 to March 2019

Match Days

Tuesday Nights for Seniors and Intermediates:

Competition start date – Tuesday 16th October 2018
Last game before Christmas  –  Tuesday 11th December 2018

6 Team Grades Recommence on:  Tuesday 29th January 2019 until  Tuesday 12th March 2019

8 Team Grades Recommence on:  Tuesday 5th February 2019  until  Tuesday 12th March 2019 

Semi-Finals:   Tuesday 19th March 2019

Grand Finals:   Tuesday 26th March 2019


Friday Nights for Juniors, Sub-Juniors and Primaries:

Competition start date – Friday 19th October 2018 
Last game before Christmas  –  Friday 14th December 2018

6 Team Grades Recommence on:  Friday 1st February 2019  until  Friday 15th March 2019 

8 Team Grades Recommence on:  Friday 8th February 2019  until  Friday 15th March 2019 

Semi-Finals:   Friday 22nd March 2019

Grand Finals:   Friday 29th March 2019


Match Times:

7.00pm – Intermediate and Seniors
8.30pm – Intermediate and Seniors

6.30pm – Primary and Go Grades
7.30pm – Sub-Junior
8.30pm – Junior

Note:  Match dates may be subject to change.

Please Note:

• Players pay an entrance fee to Priceline Stadium on match night.
• NetSetGO rules apply in the GO Grades.
• Rules enforced are in accordance with the IFNA/Netball Australia Official Rules of Netball.